An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.
Charles Bukowski  (via gebeine)

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me and my sister #squaddddd

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Fantastic Kissing Vases by Ceramic by Johnson Tsang  

Hong Kong-based ceramic artist Johnson Tsang specializes in using a surrealist imagination to blend the worlds of humans and objects. His latest work is this fantastic series of kissing vases he’s entitled Out of the Rim.

After carefully forming each vase, Johnson made incisions with great precision and split the vases down to about 2″ above the base. He then gently pushed each slice outward, to create a stunning visual effect of a row of symmetrical faces. Finally, two of the vases are placed together to make it appear as if they were kissing.

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I’m here to sexify your Saturday with this jungle cat orchid collab by me and @northernwatersglass . It has two real orchid specimens that were electroformed. 14mm removable downstem, easy cleaning and no drop-down necessary for this kitty to work well with an e-nail. #sexySaturday #tripleAglass #AAA #northernwaters #girlswhoblowglass #jungle #cat #illegalleopard #leopardprint #animalprint #orchid #glasspipes #glassofig #rigsofig #dabs #girlsthatdab #bongbeauties


"centerpeace" by Natey 

stemless bubbler